Thursday, March 15, 2012

Making Your Place a Home: Cook in Your Kitchen

Nothing makes a place feel more like a home than the smell of something yummy wafting from the kitchen.

When I lived in a dorm room with only a toaster over (down the hall), or a tiny apartment in another country with a stove I couldn't figure out, or an ugly and lonely apartment with neighbors yelling downstairs, the smell of something warm drifting from the oven has always made me feel like I'm at home.

Even if it's just chicken nuggets in the oven, cooking something can help you feel settled in a new place.

I've had morning sickness and fatigue for the last 14 weeks or so, and have just found myself rounding the corner and feeling better, more like my normal self. The first thing I noticed was that our house was in need of some tender loving care. I left our messy house and went to the market to find something special to make.

Some glossy black eggplants sang to me. I found this recipe for eggplant parmesan that was easy and tasty. We had almost no mozzarella cheese when I made it, so I grated the little that we had on the tiniest holes of the box grater and sprinkled them between the layers of eggplant; the dish was lighter and perfectly delicious, even without all the cheese.

Do you cook your way back to a well-tended home, too?

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