Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Ordinary Day

Last night was rough. Lots of waking up and crying. Setting my iphone timer for 7 minutes, then 12, and waiting to hear William's crying fade into sleeping sounds.

This morning was quiet and still. We didn't rush around the house cleaning. We sat in the kitchen and I fed William mushy, leopard-print bananas from a coffee cup. He ate almost 2 tablespoons! My big boy.

There was nothing special about today. When I am 30, or 50, or 80, will I remember what it was like to sit at the kitchen table in our first house and feed mashed bananas to my first baby? If I see this photo, will I remember it was taken during the week of Christmas, but it was hot outside, so he wore pale blue and beige john-johns and a white onesie? Socks that he has actually just outgrown, but they were his first socks and so I can't make myself pack them away yet. That the ladder is just outside the kitchen windows because I meant to clean the windows last weekend, but I never quite got around to it?

Maybe I will be able to pull up this blog post and remember.

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