Monday, July 25, 2011

Charred Corn Tacos and Baby Bumpers

I've been feeling the urge to make things lately. Maybe it's the stifling heat that has us confined to the house  or other temperature controlled space for 99% of the day. I've been taking William on our daily walk to the park at 7:30 a.m. and we are STILL drenched in sweat by the time we make it home at 8. Lovely.

The last thing I made today was the best: I made THESE TACOS from Smitten Kitchen. Maybe you've already made them because, like me, you impatiently check Smitten Kitchen's site on a daily basis, even though she regularly posts a couple of times a week, and when you see a recipe, you immediately print it and run to the market because you know her food is good. I love her recipes because she's so REAL and it comes across in her writing. In this recipe, she says to clear toddlers from the kitchen before grilling the corn on the stove. As I write this, there are charred corn kernels stuck to my heels, but I so don't mind. We devoured these tacos in like 5 minutes flat. Amazing. Bright tasting. Easy to make, even if they take a bit more time than a regular week night meal. Don't mind the lighting in the first picture; full manual is still hating me in our kitchen.

The other things I made today included a tiny stuffed pig (yes, really) and a pair of earrings. But I also made a new crib bumper for William over the weekend. I'm updating his nursery since we're starting to spend a little bit of play and quiet time in there each day. We're repainting, which probably surprises no one, and I'm changing out a few things. I know some people don't like bumpers. We've used the mesh kind until now, but he's started doing crib acrobatics and I want a little padding in there to protect his little head.

A handmade crib bumper may not seem like a big deal to most people, but y'all, I am so proud of it! Sewing STRESSES me out sometimes and I was so ecstatic when my measurements turned out right and the bumper actually FIT inside the crib!

 I was feeling so brave I made my first ever baby blanket. It has only light lining since it's so hot out, but it's a nice cover over bare shoulders and feet during nap time. I basically just used the same measurements as our stroller blanket to cut two pieces of fabric. I laid them right sides together and laid the same size of quilt batting on top. I pinned in place, sewed three sides, then turned right side out before tucking the last side in and sewing it closed. Then I free-hand (is that even a sewing word?) stitched lines through all three layers to hold them in place. It took all of 30 minutes, and I am definitely a brand new sewer. If I can do it, really and truly, ANYONE can.
 We went overboard as new parents (imagine that) and bought one of the fancy convertible cribs. I will never do that again, mostly because I'm not going to convert this crib into a bed because we'll just use it as a crib for any future babies in our household. It turns out my son is part beaver. Those are his bottom middle teeth marks on the crib railing. I love them, though, and will never repair that wood.

So that's what I've been making lately. Does the heat have anyone else feeling crafty?


  1. I love that fabric on your bumper, so cute! And we've got beaver marks on both our cribs, which will eventually be the foot boards of their beds. Talk about payback!

  2. You are amazing at everything you do! And I love that little Williams is part beaver! You crack me the smack up!