Monday, July 11, 2011

Random Monday: Peaches & Rainclouds

This weekend was a little bit crazy. We were all over the place. I didn't take any pictures until Sunday afternoon. Don, William, and I stopped at a farmer's stand and bought peaches, tomatoes, and okra. As soon as we got home after being in the blazing heat, the sky darkened and rainclouds filled the sky. They were beautiful, heavy and gray, but practically empty.

The peaches were beautiful and bruised. The farmer told us they were "stooped over" variety peaches, as in, you better eat them stooped over the kitchen sink. They were a huge hit. William ate two by himself and cried when I wouldn't let him suck on the pit.

Just after the rain stopped, the sky cleared and I went on a run. It was almost cool outside; I think it got below 90 last night. It felt so good to run. More on that later. I love random peaches and rainclouds together on a Sunday evening.

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  1. Love the "stooped over" peaches! We took a walk last night, too, for the first time in a long time. :)