Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gossip & A Hot Mess

Recently, my mom gave me a book she read in the '80s and found useful. I've been reading the book intermittently, and even though it can be cheesy and a little dated sounding, the advice and insight is totally relevant to me today.

I was reading it today and feeling hurt by a friend who said some critical things about me to someone else, and I came across this passage: ...When I look into the Bible and do not apply it, I am like a person beholding my face in a mirror and immediately forgetting the mess I see.

So true! And such a great visual for me. I am no better than my friend. Don't I gossip, too?

Lord, help me be less of a hot mess. Amen.

Rhys, my sweet nephew, who is totally content to be a hot mess.

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