Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Utterly Random Winter Memories

 Why did I take pictures of socks? Because it's a tradition I started for my sisters. I buy each of us a pair of cute knee high socks for Christmas. We all have different last names and live in different parts of the city, but at least we have the same kind of socks. Sister power!
 On a whim I decided to hand make scented candles as gifts and for myself. As it turns out, making candles is more expensive than just continuing to buy Mrs. Meyer's candles, and requires scrubbing wax from my kitchen tools. Still, they were kind of lovely. I put them in Mason canning jars and scented them with a fragrance called "River Fern." Love that name.
 The Jesse Tree was hands down our favorite thing to do with William this advent season. It made the stories seem more tangible for him. Yes, I know he's only 18 months old, but he will sit and read for 45 minutes at a time, and he can understand much of what he's told.
 William was overwhelmed with the number of gifts he received on Christmas morning, and would have been happy with a 36 count of toilet paper from Sam's Club. I need to remember that for the next child we have.
 My mom made 18 different types of homemade Christmas cookies and desserts. She always sets up a lavish dessert table and that's a tradition I will certainly carry on one day.

Random apples. Apples were everywhere this Christmas, since William is on an applesauce kick lately.

 Look at the cute sweaty boy, passed out in his granddad's arms.
 Sunsets and sunrises at the river house. Beautiful each time.

 William is a truly messy eater and he is OBSESSED with that black bean soup I told you about the other day.

 Play-dough is everywhere these days. William isn't a huge fan, but I love the stuff so I keep trying to get him interested in it.
 I loved our Jesse tree so much that I was sad when it came time to pack the ornaments away. I've decided to leave the white branches out all year and decorate them for the season.
 I added a 4 pack of these tiny yellow birds from Hobby Lobby for the end of winter and start of spring.

Apparently, I'm 12 years old. I made homemade pink play-dough and it smells divine and is sooo much better than the store bought stuff because it's less crumbly and much squishier. William was only marginally impressed. I'm going to package it up for Valentine's Day and it give it away to William's little friends. 

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