Saturday, January 7, 2012

Black Bean Soup & Jalapeno Cornbread

Are you ready to eat healthier now that the holidays are over? I know we are. I've made this soup three times in the last two weeks, mostly because the littlest member of our family devours it like nothing else.

My friend Sunee copied this black bean recipe from America's Test Kitchen cook book for me, but I found this recipe from that's very similar, if you subtract the carrots and corn. The original recipe doesn't call for it, but I added a finely diced carrot to the onions and jalapeno. You can't really taste the flavor of the cooked carrot, but it makes the soup even more nutritious. 

And I can't say enough about this corn meal. It's from close to here, and I've been using it since I started cooking about five years ago. The recipe is on the back of the package of corn meal.
 I used to hate cornbread. I'm not a fan of the crumbly texture, but this brand is delicious. I do something that would make corn bread aficionados angry.
 I add 1/4 cup of full-fat Greek yogurt to the recipe to help it stay moist and fluffy instead of crumbly.
 And I add a finely diced jalapeno. If you really want the jalapeno to be noticeable, you should use 2 whole jalapenos. I always cut out the white ribs, and sometimes I even rinse the jalapeno's insides under cold water, if I know lots of kiddos are going to be eating with us.

This is one of the cheapest and most delicious meals I know how to make. Do you have any cheap and wholesome meals you rely on? 

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