Thursday, February 2, 2012

A True Story

A few days ago, after running a ton of errands, I set my humungous shopping bags full of groceries on the kitchen floor, plopped William down with some toys, and ran to the bathroom. I was gone for all of two seconds when I heard a strange sound coming from the kitchen, accompanied by William saying, "Uh-oh," and I remembered that I stupidly left an 18-count carton of eggs on the top of a shopping bag. Uh oh is right. Instead of immediately doing damage control and salvaging the eggs, I did what any sane mother would do: I ran and grabbed my camera.
You can't tell in this photo, but every single egg was cracked and leaking egg whites onto the floor.

The picture is blurry, but you get the idea. He felt BAD. I told him it was okay. They were just cracked eggs!

I think I laughed a little too hard at the situation because he started to seem proud of himself!
 I made him help me clean up.

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