Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random Happy Things

I am officially 30. I thought I would mind, but as it turns out, I still feel 29 on the inside.

As my birthday gift, Don surprised me with a really special treat. He arranged for some close friends of mine to show up at our house at 5 pm on Friday and we all drove to his family's river house for a night out on our own. This was my first night away from William and it WAS AWESOME (sorry, son!).
Brandi, Melanie, William (who thought everyone was there to adore him!), and me
My older sister couldn't make it and she was missed, but my little sister Melanie, Brandi, and my BFF of the last ten years, Adri, and I had such an amazing time. (Adri was running a little behind us so I didn't get a picture of her before we left.) I didn't take any pictures once we were there because what happens at the river house stays at the river house. :)

We stayed up late talking and laughing and drinking wine. Well, I drank sparkling non-alcoholic apple cider, but that's because of this little one.

He or she is the best gift I have received. I took the first positive pregnancy test on Christmas morning. I'm seeing both my regular ob and a maternal fetal specialist who specializes in the blood clotting disorder I have, and so far all of our ultrasounds and tests have been perfect; our treatment plan is working!
 To celebrate, my mom bought me a pink purse. "You need something like this," she said. I agree.
 During a particularly rowdy play date at our house last week, I couldn't find William. Brandi told me that she last saw him by the chalkboard. Ah, yes. Apparently he needed some quiet time. In the basket of coloring books.
 Don and William make breakfast together every weekend morning, but last Saturday they broke from tradition and visited Shipley's. I am so glad they did.
 William ate his very first chocolate-glazed donut and I think he might have fallen in love.
 Until the sugar dried on his fingers. At the point, he was just very concerned. I know he was thinking, "Is this going to be here forever?"
 It was naive, but I never thought we'd have a messy house. Oh, how wrong I was. Between battling morning sickness and trying to teach an almost-two year old about cleaning up, I am having a good day if the clean laundry is folded and not just left in a heap on the ottoman.
 I will always use William's nap times for creating things, though, and am so excited to finally start using the amazing professional-grade fabric paints my sister gave me for Christmas.
 William loves to stack the containers while I paint.
I am still making use of all of those doilies, by the way!

So there you have it - a random assortment of happy things. What little things have made you feel happy lately?

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