Saturday, April 28, 2012

Caregiver of the Week

I said I would do it, and so here it is. The caregiver of the week award goes to my mother. Here's why.

It was day 23 of bed rest. Dinnertime. I was feeling pretty dang sick and tired of sitting on the couch and watching everyone else fulfill all of my responsibilities for me. My mom made delicious homemade chicken tostadas. I wanted a second one, and stood up to refill my plate.

Mom: SIT DOWN! Do not get up! Now, what do you want?

Me: ARGH. I was just standing up to stretch my legs.

Mom: I know, and you're not supposed to. SIT BACK DOWN. 

I sat back down, irritated. I am really sick of sitting on this couch. Have I said that already? She brought me a second tostada.

Me: AGH! Mom, this is so frustrating. I honestly just want to throw this plate at the TV and watch it burst into a million pieces. 

Mom: Just wait a second so I can make sure William is safe. Okay, DO IT! THROW THAT TOSTADA ACROSS THE ROOM! 

I started laughing.

Mom: Or, honey, you could just go sit in the back yard and say the "F" word as many times as you need to! That, or pray.

I love you, Mom. Now I know what you were doing all those times you used to sit on the back deck and not let us come play outside with you.

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