Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nesting from Bed (Rest)

There are (hopefully!) nine weeks and six days left before little Joshua is predicted to grace us with his presence, and I have been on a nesting mission. Technically I'm now on "modified bed rest," meaning that our fetal specialist has given me permission to go on brief, non-lifting errands that don't involve me pushing a cart or stroller. Or walking much. I had a million questions about this last week.

Maternal Fetal Specialist (MFM): Things are looking really good. I think you can go on short errands.
Me: Like to Target?
MFM: Um, no. I don't think any woman can be in and out of Target in twenty minutes. 
Me: What if I go only to one section of Target and I have a list so I don't get sidetracked?
MFM: Only if you're willing to ride one of those motorized shopping carts they have.
Me: Okay, so no Target. What about Hobby Lobby?

I worry about judgment from others. I would be afraid someone at Target would think I'm just a big lazy pregnant lady and didn't feel like walking. I'd probably need to make a sign that says "I have a placental abruption, people!"

In other news, my newly modified bed rest has been such a huge blessing. I can bake again.
Whole grain milk chocolate and cranberry cookies cooling in the kitchen
I can sit at the dining room table and sew and finish a million tiny projects I never would have had time for otherwise. 
 Like my favorite burp cloths. William was a major spitter upper as a newborn and I thought the best burp cloths were the Gerber 6-ply cotton cloth diapers with a piece of cotton fabric sewn over the center section. The cotton gives it a bit more stability and looks adorable (at least before it's covered in white curdled milk).
I ordered the fabric for these burp cloths from
And making this ruffled wreath from a tutorial on Jones Design Company's website.

And finally finishing our gallery wall. I folded a little crease down the center of these die-cut paper butterflies and hot glued them to the inside of this shadow box. It's funny how such a small change makes a big difference in the overall feel of the room.

And because everyone feels so sorry for me and my bed rest sentence, no one complains (not too much anyway) when I ask for help getting some projects completed before Joshua comes. I have big plans for his little nursery, which is going to be as baby as baby can be. 

This is a picture of me and my mom and big sister on the day I came home from the hospital. See that Jenny Lind crib in the background? That was the crib that my sisters and I each slept in as babies, and it's going to be Joshua's crib, too. I'm so excited about it. I am so thrilled that I'm getting ready to bring our new baby into our family's lives and our home. What an amazing spend time thinking about burp cloths and crib linens and nursery art, a far cry from the way things were just a couple of months ago.

Now if you'll excuse me, this other stack of burp cloths isn't going to sew itself.

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  1. MB- Love love those pictures! Your Mom looks gorgeous in them and you and Catherine were so cute! I am so glad you are getting to do some fun things! The burp clothes are adorable! Can not wait to meet Mr. Joshua!
    Love Ya!
    Sara Peach