Friday, July 6, 2012

Home is in the Details

Do you remember once before when I wrote about my Pinterest addiction that led to confusion and me thinking I might prefer modern things to traditional furnishings? I may be the only person I know who has (or at least admits to having) this illness, but I am symptom free and more design-satisfied if I simply stay off of Pinterest.

But I broke my own rule today. I fell off the wagon. I looked through other people's boards (since I deleted my account) for way too long, and now my creativity feels thwarted from eye candy overload. 

In an attempt to sober myself, I went around our living room with my camera and focused on the things I like instead of the endless possibilities for restyling. This is the room where William plays, where I work and sew, where I sit with friends for coffee breaks, where we eat with guests. I focused on the things that are unique to our home and family.
 The perfectly clear light that streams in the dining room windows, making everything easier to photograph.
 The light that floods the front room so I never miss out on the sun, even while on bed rest.
 The mismatched pillows and chairs and the assortment of antique end tables.
 My homemade faux butterfly and moth shadow box, another bed rest project I wouldn't have attempted otherwise.
 The stack of water damaged (but loved) classic books my dad bought decades ago.
 William's "river" nestled in a wicker basket turned coffee table. The blanket was a happy Goodwill find (it's really a Pottery Barn Kids blue 100% silk blanket). He sits in it and pretends to row a boat filled with trucks and stuffed animals.
The doily project I made last year. Not everyone likes it, including my mother who refers to it as "an inappropriate use of textiles," but it's striking to look at, and that's what I was aiming for.
A set of Don's paternal grandmother's green dominos nestled in a silver plated candy dish my parents received as a wedding gift 35 years ago (and apparently didn't want, since my mom let me steal it from them last Christmas).
The entry dresser and mirror that belonged to my mom when she was growing up. There is a scary amount of beige happening in this area, but I am still debating on whether I should spray paint the Ballard Design buffet lamps or paint the mirror and add some colorful picture frames around it.

I love our big table, but I can never figure out what to put on it outside of meal times. Note the FoodSaver and lens cover, for example.

When I get overwhelmed with all of the work we still have to do in our home, I remind myself of the things I love and that our home is in the details. Does anyone else do the same?


  1. I don't know your mom but her comment about the doileys makes me laugh. My mom would never ever say anything like that, only bc what textiles really are is probably beyond us haha. And picturing William rowing his boat, priceless.

  2. sigh. everything is lovely. i think that this is where joy is won. living out of what we have been given, not what we lack. love you, friend!