Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My New Favorite Room

It isn't finished yet, but everyone has been helping me get Joshua's nursery ready for him. This is the sunniest room in our house; it is illuminated for the first half of the day. William and I spend an hour every morning reading in Joshua's glider (which William hesitantly handed down).

 I love that Joshua will sleep in the same crib I did as a baby.
 Joshua's new stuffed animals, thrown into the crib to save them from William.
 My gracious father-in-law built book ledges for the nursery and I painted them white. Billye, my mother-in-law, spent days painting the walls and all of the trim, which was still gold (in oil based paint, ACK!) from the previous owners.
 The blanket I made for Joshua months ago, when I was on bed rest.
 His bedding. When the sun shines on the crib, it is washed in light, hence the faded colors. We still have to install blinds.
 A photo of my mom, big sis, and me as a (huge) newborn baby. Note that crib in the background!
 Sweet cross stitch samplers saved from Ginger's, a handmade arts institution in Austin that is sadly closing down.
 An unfinished project.
 More unfinished projects. This frame might be my best Goodwill find yet.
 Newborn kimono onesies, the first things we bought for Joshua after weeks wondering if he would really stay.

Has anyone tried to take a pregnancy shot of themselves without a tripod? It's hard work.


  1. Yay! What a wonderful post and what a gorgeous room! :)

    1. Thanks, sister! By the way, the crib was ALREADY distressed white...har har. Love you!

  2. Lilia saw your picture and said "She's funny!" We can't wait to see you next Friday! Lilia has been asking to see William and has to only have pictures! Let me know if you want any special snackies.