Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wooden Bowl Makeover

As my super crazed nesting continues, I am learning about patience. I'm off of bed rest, but still not allowed to make "vigorous or strenuous" movements, including painting or sanding and stripping furniture. When I was eight months pregnant with William, I sanded and stained a Craigslist dresser for his bedroom, and I repainted his room twice. There are some painting and reupholstering projects I wish I could complete before Joshua is born, since I know it will be months before I'll have the time to work on refinishing furniture with a newborn and a 2 year old, but in the meantime, I'm doing tiny makeovers. Meet my latest victim, a 99 cent wooden fruit bowl from Goodwill.
I tried restoring the bowl with layers of wood oil, but this sucker is dried out and must have been neglected for years. So I decided to paint it, and now look how cute it is. 
twisted fabric roses
Ta da!

I spray painted it with white enamel paint and glued a length of burlap ribbon around it. I made a few twisted fabric roses from white canvas and more of the burlap ribbon and glued those on. The ribbon and roses are not glued to the bowl (just to each other) so I can slip them off if I want to change things up later.
DIY napkin holder

I told Don I feel like it's acceptable for me to decorate our house with things I love, including roses and burlap ribbon, to balance the testosterone that outnumbers me 3 to 1. I asked him if he thought this bowl was cute. 

Don: How much did it cost you to make that?
Me: 99 cents for the bowl, but I bought it over a year ago, which I think makes it free.
Don: I don't know what cute is, but I'd buy that for a dollar.

I'll consider that a success.

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