Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting Organized...or Trying Anyway

So, if you are a casual visitor of our home, you may think we are decently organized. There aren't toy explosions in every room, the bathrooms are decently clean, etc. If, however, you are my mother/mother-in-law/sisters/best friends/or-my-neighbor-Brandi, then you know that, in fact, Don and I are pretty messy people.

Dang, I wish it wasn't so. But it is.

There are a few things in our home that just don't work as they are now. Like the pantry, which I've mentioned before.  We're trying to get some of these problem areas in good working order before our new baby comes, and I tackled the pantry first.


It's not amazingly organized, but I don't think it will be totally right for us until we have time to remove the weird u-shaped shelves and replace them with standard flat shelving. Don is limiting the number of projects I can assign us over the next few months, since we're planning on building a banquette in our small kitchen, so this pantry make-over will have to be put on hold.

The best part of cleaning the pantry is that I found a treasure...

Don't worry. I didn't eat it (today, anyway).

P.S. I labelled our glass jars with chalkboard adhesive so that I can erase and re-label the jars as needed. It's the same stuff I talked about here.


  1. Mmm, James would be all over that because of the hair! So gross. Oh yeah, and I like how you are using your unborn child as an excuse to decorate. As if you needed a reason! ;P

  2. I found your blog through YoungHouseLove. I have to say I LOVE Your pantry. And I loved your letter to your mom! Take care!