Saturday, September 3, 2011

Adding to the List

14. Peaceful car rides
 15. Sky that reaches forever
 16. Beauty behind barbed wire
 17. Unnamed weed that billows like clouds of smoke unfurling from a fire, or powder escaping Amadeus' wig, or firecrackers exploding

 18. River that flows in drought
 19. A lush, secret lawn
 20. Bathing my son in a riverhouse sink
 21. Sound asleep down dark country roads lit only by the moon (and mama's flash bulb, of course)


  1. i will not covet that riverhouse. maybe. did you know that my sister lives in austin? i've only been to visit once so i'm not sure of the area.

  2. Hi Ellen!

    So cool that your sister lives in Austin! The riverhouse is not mine, alas, but belongs to my parents-in-law. We are in way south Austin. :)