Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gallery Wall Project: Finished (85%, anyway)

I've had this picture from Pottery Barn bookmarked for months. Literally bookmarked. I actually turn pages in those old paper things called, er, catalogues? I love little treats. I am thrilled for days if someone gives me a magazine or drops a Starbucks tea on my porch, which is why I get great pleasure out of flopping on my sofa with an iced tea and a free Pottery Barn catalogue when the little dictator sleeps.
I've been collecting picture frames from family members, garage sales, and thrift stores for a few years, and I have dozens. I finally got around to arranging a photo wall in our front room a couple of weeks ago.

 I didn't arrange the wall by tracing my frames onto butcher paper and taping them to the walls, like everyone suggests. I probably should have. I did it the hard way, swinging a hammer and little holes in the wall until I got it right. I don't mind doing it that way, even if there are holes that will someday need to be patched (they're actually all hidden right now).

The artwork isn't particularly cohesive, but I think it works. The only thing that each frame has in common is that I like it. I'm still choosing photos for the large frames and I am looking for the perfect insert for the little white shadowbox, but otherwise this wall is complete.

This room has come a long way on a very tight budget. Here's a picture of it "before," before I'd done anything in the room.  This picture of me is the week I gave birth to William in June 2010, and it's the only old photo I could find of the front room.

Before (Not me, the front room. It ain't an easy thing to do, but please look past the ginormous belly to the blank room.)
Yikes, my face is scary swollen in this picture. Not to mention that my stomach looks like it ate an adult basketball player. I have to admit that seeing photos like this makes me not want to be pregnant again and go through the discomfort of those last few weeks. 

So, since 2009, we've replaced the hardwood floors with darker wood, painted the walls, painted the trim, brought in a sofa and furniture, changed the curtains, and added a photo wall. Not too bad for working with a budget that was stretched tighter than my maternity skirt waistband! 


  1. Wow! I love this! It looks so warm and cheerful. You should submit it to Apartment Therapy. :)

  2. well. i just like this. very much.