Thursday, September 22, 2011

The List Continues

23. For the ability to serve, even if it's only spaghetti to a one-year-old.
24. For beauty in the ordinary
 25. For a husband who makes time
Very grainy pic, but I treasure this moment 
26. That this face was only fleeting
Dang, son. Dang.
 27. For paint that washes out

28. For the signs of a creative life

29. For our time together

30. For the quiet light of early fall

 31. For every once in a while with Polynesian sauce

 32. For helping others spend money at Target

33. For being given a pumpkin spice iced latte for helping others spend money at Target
 34. For fall that comes rolling in

35. For frozen shrimp. Really.

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