Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Cards: On a Mission

We normally order photo holiday cards to mail out (in November), but I am taking my time this year. I took some photos today of William, but when I started shopping for cards online, I had sticker shock. The only affordable cards I could find weren't very cute. So tomorrow I am on a mission to make our Christmas cards and they are going to be cute AND cheap.
 By the way, I coerced William to play in front of the tree so that I could capture the lights in the background by putting chocolate granola bits and toy trucks on a table in front of the tree. It worked like a charm! At one point he was so happy with his treats that he clasped his hands and hugged himself, like in the picture above. What a little toot. If there weren't chocolate smears on his two front teeth, I would use the picture above.

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