Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little Moments

Little ordinary moments that I want to remember forever and ever. William, today these moments are our reality, but some day they will be memories. I want to keep them as fresh as possible.
 When you wake up, you point and grunt until I put all of your stuffed animals in your crib.
 Then you throw them out, one by one. We do this over and over again.
 Your beautiful crib is a teething toy. I love it even more now.

 You had just finished doing belly flops in your crib. You were laughing at the scared gasps I made.

 You have started throwing your head back when you laugh, just like your daddy.

I didn't edit these photos at all, little one. The light in a room is a huge memory trigger for me, just like smells are for most people. I will always remember your after nap time playing.

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