Monday, December 19, 2011

Messy House Christmas Tour

You know all the Christmas house tours being hosted online? I love looking at other people's homes and seeing the beautiful decorations and the snow falling through windowpanes and Christmas trees that look like they belong in a Macy's window. But then sometimes I shut my macbook closed and feel a little...inadequate. Or not good enough. Like maybe our Christmas won't be special enough because it isn't dressy enough to be featured on a home design magazine cover.

So in light of that, I am posting pictures of what our house really looks like today, this afternoon, with an 18 month old, a 29 year old, a 30 year old, and visitors of all ages running loose.

That picture above is our humble, plastic, Little People nativity. And usually the donkey is perched on top of the stable, courtesy of William.

 I love our tree, but it has oddly spaced balls and it is still crooked.
 Someday I will set a beautiful holiday table, but this is really what the table looks like every day. There is always a miscellaneous blend of groceries, home improvement supplies, craft projects, and clean laundry (already folded when I took these pictures) on our table.
 Our stockings are strewn on the floor with care. Why? Because we don't have a mantle over the fireplace this year. Floor stockings...I like them.
 Our kitchen always looks like this, until 5 minutes before non-family comes over. I wish I had an excuse, but I don't.

 The beheaded nutcracker is also courtesy of William. I am going to fix him as soon as I have a spare 30 seconds. Unless I need to do something more pressing like photograph our messy house and write about it.
 These are things that were displaced by Christmas decorations. I don't know where to store them yet.
 Do you remember the other day when I said our guest room looked like a craft bomb exploded in there? I will have this room cleaned by Christmas Eve, so our lovely guest will not have to lay on staple guns, hot glue, and clothespins.
 This mini tree is out at least! But not decorated.

 Here is a beautiful Christmas card that I accidentally defaced while taking notes from the pediatrician. She was telling me how to treat William's allergies, and this card was the only piece of paper nearby.
The decorations may fall short this year, but the heart of our home is full of beauty. Maybe next year I'll have time to decorate.


  1. all of these things? signs of life. happening. sweetly happening.

    if i had zoomed out? you'd have seen it: my life, too.

    i like your house tour better.

  2. Ellen! I loved your house tour and thought it was beautiful and cozy and approachable. I like that you also show your messy places. :)

  3. I love this sweet tour. Real life is real. Thanks for sharing. I'm here from Ellen's.