Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Mornings: MacGyver & Pancakes

Don has really fond memories of watching MacGyver with his Dad as a child. Thanks to Netflix, he can carry on the tradition with William.
This is possibly the only time that William actually lies still while he's awake. It lasts about ten minutes, and then William gets up and plays while MacGyver music fills the living room. And I make pancakes. Whole wheat pancakes with bananas and toasted pecans. Mmmm.

I used to hate making pancakes because I felt so guilty eating them and feeding them to other people that it just wasn't worth it, but I have to say these whole wheat pancakes are nutritious. Yep, they're actually good for you (minus the syrup). No sugar crashes or pancake coma an hour after eating them. And with sliced bananas and toasted Texas pecans, they are pretty dang delicious.


  1. Ryan also watches that guy with the mullet who makes bombs from tampons. And I do believe that is James' car that William is holding. :)

  2. It is definitely James' car. MacGyver also wears pleated jeans that are tapered. He was a real style icon.