Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunflowers and Jimmy

Sunflowers are the most cheerful flowers in the entire world. They can brighten up a room. I feel happier just looking at them.

The same can be said for looking at this guy.
 He was so happy to wake up and see both grandfathers standing by his crib on a "shift change" day. He adores his granddads.
 His post-nap diaper change. The skinned knees and superman shirt make me melt. (I was just standing there long enough to kiss him and take a picture...I haven't changed William's diaper in 6 weeks.)
Nothing is better than an ice cream sandwich on a hot least for an almost 2 year old. I have permission from my doctor to sit in the backyard with my feet up without breaking any bed rest rules. This has been a lifesaver. 

Did I mention we got a dog? His name is Jimmy and he was $25 on clearance from Pottery Barn. I love him.
 William loves dogs, but Don is horribly allergic. His neck breaks out in huge welts if dog fur touches his face. It's scary. There won't be any real dogs in our family for a long time.
Joshua is breech, sitting cross legged with his head nestled between my ribs. My ribs feel like they have a vice around them, and I can feel his little butterball head rotating between my lungs all day long. It is so reassuring and comforting to feel him in motion. Did I mention his is sitting on my bladder? As much as I hate to waddle to the restroom a million times a day, I need the extra reassurance of his movement and feeling him. I am actually thankful to have him sitting in the most uncomfortable fetal position possible.

It won't always be like this. One day Joshua will be on the outside, and I will be wishing I had a moment to sit and rest and put my feet up. 

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