Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dead Serious About Spinach

This kid means business when it comes to eating. He was dead serious about that spinach. He made this very serious face at me and I started laughing. He looked at me very calmly, opened his mouth, and said, "Bite." At this point I proceeded to jump up, run to the front door, throw it open, and yell to my husband, who was mowing the lawn, "Don! Don! He said BITE! He said BITE!" I then ran back to William, who refused to repeat his new word, but who thought his excited parents were pretty entertaining.

William turned ten months old on Saturday, which means that we are planning his first birthday party, and I already bought the pinata. Don and I took him to the little park near our house on Saturday morning to celebrate.

This child loves to swing with his Daddy. He can swing for hours, but I have to stop pushing him after 10 minutes. It makes me sick to my stomach just watching him go back and forth like that.
 Is it just me, or does he look a little bit like Chucky (Chuckie?) in the picture above? Oh, Chucky/ie. My sister and I had to hide our Kid Sister and My Buddy dolls in the back of her closet after seeing the previews for the first movie.

There's his sweet face again. What a relief.

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