Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Am Not Good at Keeping Secrets & Don Is Hot

Well, my OWN secrets anyway. I can keep other people's secrets forever, really and truly, but my own secrets...it's hard for me to contain them.

And I have a secret right now. And I wasn't going to even mention it on here, but you know, this is our family blog and this secret is part of our family. Literally.

Don't you just hate how faint they make the pregnancy lines? It's positive, trust me.
We're having a baby. A second baby. Another precious child. I guess this short, sweet season just got a little bit longer.

We weren't going to tell many people at first, only because we didn't want others' shocked reactions to dampen our fun. But, you know what? The couple of unkind comments we got didn't dampen anything. People saying things like, "This was obviously not planned." Maybe we're the only ones out there, but we love having a baby and we love teaching him and watching him grow and we intentionally got pregnant.

In case you are wondering: yes, we were trying. This baby is wanted and prayed for. He or she is an answered prayer! Yes, we have a ten month old son already. No, we aren't crazy.

Why? Because God decided it was the perfect time for our family to have another baby. And because I am madly in love with my husband. He's hot. He's incredibly smart. He helps people learn to walk again, or use their bodies in a whole new way after an injury. He makes me laugh hard on a daily basis. He is a wonderful husband. He plays with his son even when he is exhausted after work. He can make some mean pancakes. Did I mention that I think he's irresistible? He and I love our family and we have been planning on trying to have more children for a long time.

So, anyway, we are kind of ecstatic around here. There's my secret...which isn't really a secret any more. And now, I am off to my yoga class so that I don't gain 8 million pounds this time around.

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