Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Year Ago Today

William was a big newborn, but we thought he was so tiny. I remember feeling like I never left the glider. I remember nursing and nursing and nursing him in that chair, which we moved into the living room so that I could still be part of the rest of the world. I know people often talk about how hard it is to care for a newborn, but Don and I have great memories of that time. It was the longest we'd ever had together without one of us working. Don took off a full 8 weeks and, because of my c-section, got up for every single feeding and brought William to me. That's when we ordered Netflix. We haven't had cable for years, but I was really tied to that rocker and wanted to watch cooking shows, so Don went to Target and bought me DVDs of Paula Deen and Giada DiLaurentis and Barefoot Contessa. And lots of mint chocolate chip ice cream, even though I wasn't pregnant anymore. We spent a ton of time just holding our sleeping (or crying) newborn and feeling so blessed. I don't think we cooked once for the first 2 months. We had so many wonderful friends and family who set up a care calendar and brought us food. It was pretty awesome. It's so amazing to look back and see how much our lives have changed in just one year. Does anyone else ever scroll back through their pictures and see what life looked like a year ago?

P.S. That's a Topo Chico water in my hand. I didn't booze it up at my son's cowboy breakfast. :) 

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