Monday, June 20, 2011

William is One!

Our littlest cowboy turned one on Thursday and we had a sweet family party by meeting Don for lunch at Maudie's South. Don and I used to go there several times a week, but since becoming parents, we go there once a month or so. The servers are so kind and loved to see William have his birthday lunch there. He had his first sopapilla (minus the honey) and loved it.

On Saturday, we celebrated with family and friends by hosting a cowboy breakfast birthday party. We served this cowboy breakfast casserole, bagels and cream cheese, fruit, and Bill Miller's awesome hash browns. The cupcakes were actually these whole-wheat apple muffins with vanilla cream cheese frosting, since William loves those muffins so much. I snapped a few pics before the party started.

I made a cupcake tower by wrapping old boxes in parcel paper and tying them with folded red wrapping paper, ribbon, and raffia. I tucked photos of William into the ribbons to hide the tape that held everything together. Those are my mom's baby cowgirl boots from when she was a little girl!

I can't believe I don't own a cri-cut. Those things are genius. My new BFF Brandi helped me make his banner and cupcake toppers.

I hung pompom fringe across the dining room window and used clothespins stamped with pet names for William to hang our favorite photos of him.

In the center, we hung our prayer for him. 

The party favors were actually for the parents, since the average baby age was less than 1 year. The bags held packages of graham crackers, marshmallows, and mini hershey bars to make microwave s'mores.

The balloons cast a light like stained glass later in the evening.

Allison & Ryan & Blythe. Blythe wears bows. Big bows. I want to pick her up and hug her every time I see her because she looks like a baby doll. 
Laurel, Jason, and Braxton. Braxton is an angel. Look at those baby lips!

Jason, Allison, and Avery. Avery is William's baby girlfriend, though she doesn't know it. He LOVES her. He always tries to touch her face and she just pushes his hands away. 

Bill & Evan & Sarah. Sarah's stomach is way too flat to have just had a baby. Rock on, sister.

My brother-in-law Ryan and nephew James. James may or may not have eaten a cupcake before William did. I like the glazed over look as he eats his icing!

My sister Catherine and her son, Rhys, who is only a couple of weeks younger than William. The boys look so much alike.

My BFF Adri and Lucas.

My sister Mo, Myles, and Jenny. Myles is such a little chunk; I could just eat him up.

Just for kicks, we tried to take a picture of all of the babies sitting next to each other. Ha. Check out Avery's tooshie as she escapes the photo session, and William starting to remove Blythe's bow. Despite this pic, these babies have grown up together and love each other. 
I'm so sorry we didn't get pictures of everyone, but we were so thrilled to have such a fun day for William's first birthday party.


  1. Really cute! So sad we missed it!

  2. We were so sad you guys missed it too! William told me he misses Elijah, or at least he would say that if he could talk.