Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Working With What You've Got

When I became a traveling clinical research associate, I was given $800 to set up my home office with furniture, since I would be working from home between trips. Like any rational clinical researcher, I immediately went to Hobby Lobby and bought this ginormous gold frame to use as a mood board in my office. A mood board in research proved to be an unusable thing since pretty much every bit of paperwork I had was considered proprietary information and was not fit for display. So, like everybody else, I turned it into a chalkboard.

I'm not a big fan of this entry table set up. One day I will find the perfect dresser or buffet on Craigslist and my toy/ extra dishes/ toilet paper/ rarely used table linens storage problem will be solved, but until then I'm working with what I've got. I toyed around with writing our story, solely out of quotes from yours truly and Don, on the board, but this didn't feel right to me either.

Tonight, as I was taking down William's birthday decorations, and feeling bummed that I would have to pack away the cheerful pom-pom trim and colorful photos, I decided to bust out my staple gun and attached the pom-pom trim to the chalkboard to make it a big photo collage.

 Of course, this idea struck me at 10 pm when Don was on a run (he's one of those creepy nighttime joggers) and our bedroom was already in disarray and there was a ton of laundry to fold and a kitchen to clean.

I like this entryway much more now. I also left the writing on the chalkboard and didn't erase it to keep it interesting.

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