Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Pumpkin Painting

Toddlers and carving knives don't mix. Obviously. And I am terrible at carving pumpkins. Meg at Whatever's happy pumpkins looked so cheerful that I decided we needed a family pumpkin painting day.
We used ornamental pumpkins since William lacks the attention to paint a full-sized pumpkin and non-toxic finger paints because he likes to paint his tongue and taste test each color.

 Don squirted paint on the pumpkin and William blended it in. See how William's shirt is inside out? When we paint, this helps minimize stains. These finger paints are washable but not 100% non-staining.
 William put those red paint dots on his own face. I put the blue dot on Don's nose. You should see what Don did to my face with the blue paint. It was much worse than what I did to him. Argh, crafting with boys.

This isn't going to be winning any home decorating contests, but I love it! Who knew Halloween could be so colorful?

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