Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Change of Seasons

From something ugly, something beautiful. Here are the trees in our front yard. The flowering pictures were taken today. He leaves reminders everywhere, doesn't he? It's just whether or not we're ready to see them.

Don and I cannot make William believe in God, or Christ, or redemption. I cannot make him feel humble before the cross. But I will show him as best I know how. I will let him see how out of my own ugliness, God created beauty with His grace. How he forgave a staunch enemy and set me free. How He loved me enough to pull me in, bring me back, and take away my heart of stone, my haughty words that showed my bitterness.

I took this picture today, too. I was putting on this Sakura sling when William almost crawled off the bed. I pulled him back, but he hit his head on the bedside table. It was a hard hit; it didn't leave a mark, but he howled. I put him in the sling to comfort him and took a picture.

Parenting is such a varied job, isn't it? Teaching about eternal salvation and glorifying God and planting seeds and changing diapers and pureeing fruit. And making babies laugh for pictures.

I'm pretty sure he has the cutest little chubby, wrinkly hands ever.

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