Monday, March 14, 2011

Yard Work is Hard Work or Being a Dirty Girl

It's no secret that the little bit of land we own could use some work. Don and I decided it was time to start cleaning things up so that we can finally have our vegetable garden. Hey, I've kept this orchid alive for a long time now, so I can handle a whole garden, right?

We bought a LOT of seeds to plant...two types of green beans, pumpkins, potatoes, strawberries, herbs, onions, tomatoes, flowers, lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, canteloupe, okra, radishes, broccoli, and more. But before we could plant, we had to prepare. Dang is all I have to say. Yard work is hard work. We spent over 8 hours bagging 25 massive piles of leaves (we've raked leaves just once in the 1.5 years we've lived here...did I mention we have an ash needle tree in the back yard?). By Saturday afternoon, I looked like this.

That's a dirt line, in case you're wondering. My hand is clean because I wore work gloves.

This wasn't the kind of yard work where you wear a tank top and shorts and work on your tan while you work at a leisurely pace. This was the kind of work where you cover yourself in sunscreen, wear old jeans and a huge maternity shirt to protect yourself from the dirt and dust of shredded leaves that creates a brown cloud around your entire being each time you unhook the back of the leaf blower to fill another huge leaf bag to the brim.

William thought it was fun to play in his exercauser and scream at the people walking dogs past our house. He would scream and laugh and flail his arms around, frantically trying to get the dogs to come see him.

It felt really good to get that dirty and to create a little bit of order where previously there was chaos. I tore up the huge dried butterfly bush in our front yard and planted twelve marigolds in its place. They smell so good! When I was 7, my mom put marigold plants in paper bags decorated with fairy stickers and gave them away as party favors at my birthday party. I'm so doing things like that for my children. This garden will be the start.

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