Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Say Cheese (cake)!

We hosted a dinner party on Saturday night. Just saying "dinner party" makes me feel old. We had friends over for dinner on Saturday. There, that's better. I channeled Real Simple and set the table the night before so that I wouldn't have to rush around at the last minute.

I made a chocolate cheesecake and covered it with powdered sugar and strawberries to hide the ginormous crack down the center. It worked. This is all that was left.

We had a very special guest join us for dessert after a couple of hours of napping on the couch and watching Strawberry Shortcake on Netflix. She is the most polite 2 year old. She kept going around to everyone and saying, "Thank you for coming!" When I took her picture, she said, "Cheeeeeeese!!! Cake." I thought that was pretty clever for a 2 year old.

William slept through the entire evening, even when things moved into the living room adjoining the nursery. We gave him a bath and put him to bed just before everyone arrived. Check out that little baby butt poking out in the picture below.

I never make anything fancy when we have people over for dinner. If I did, I'd be too nervous or busy in the kitchen to enjoy myself. I always make chicken tacos, chicken enchiladas, pizza, or some kind of easy roasted something that I can prepare hours in advance.

On Friday night, I did decide to prioritize and make some whole wheat homemade goldfish crackers. You know, since we were having a houseful of people the next day and the house was still crazy messy. And I didn't yet have the groceries we needed for Saturday night. And I hadn't made any baby food for William. And there were half-finished art projects all over the house. You know how it goes.

They were pretty good, even if they were shaped like little gingerbread men, since that was the smallest cookie cutter I own. Junk food always seems healthier if it's homemade, right? I had some helpers in the kitchen.

These guys make everything fun. Is it silly that I felt a little sad that this was the last fireplace party of the winter? This was probably the last time it will be cold enough to have a fire until next winter. It is now officially spring, at least in our house anyway.


  1. Your kids are so cute. I love the baby butt sticking out. :)

    We haven't had people over for ages. Maybe because it's because we moved away from our home town, but still. I think it's because the rental house we're currently living in is laid out so weird -- it's not condusive to entertaining. I can't wait until we move into our renovated house. I want to have people over!

  2. Thanks, Kirwin! I can only take credit for the little boy. The sweet girl belongs to our friends. She was just kind enough to grace us with her presence. So exciting that you're renovating a house!