Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Return to Paper

In a world obsessed with going paperless, I find myself seeking solace in the pleasing weight of a Sunday newspaper. Yes, we subscribe to the "touch it just once" method of sorting the mail, and our shredder and recycling bin are in the garage so that we never bring Chinese food flyers and credit card offers into the house. But I will never understand the desire to own a Kindle. I didn't understand it even last year, when I was still a professional traveler and spent Monday through Friday on bumper flights and long commercial plane rides back and forth across the country. My Polish arms are well-suited to bear the weight of a carry-on loaded with three magazines and a Bible. (And a laptop, Chi straightening iron, and a big fat bag of know, the essentials.) Some things are just meant to be held and read, like magazines and the newspaper.

Don and I are going paper-ish! We subscribed to the Sunday paper. Maybe that's not really blog-worthy, but it's my blog and I thought I'd share.

In largely unrelated news, I was bummed to see the following for sale from Pottery Barn.

Book Bundles from Pottery Barn

For real? I love PB as much as the next girl, but you ripped the covers off of books and tied them together and are selling them? What's next? Are you going to start selling books as part of your "found objects" collection? In the words of my sister, "Yeah, right. Like they just happened to find 10,000 old-world bread paddles."

I have to stop now. I actually love Pottery Barn. But not these book bundles. Creepy.


  1. I think there was a "Friends" episode where Rachel bought a chest from PB and tried to convince Phoebe that it was an antique apothecary chest. It worked until Phoebe saw it in the window of the store.

  2. Hi MB...just to see if I can post. I really like your pictures.