Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Steel Magnolias

Growing up, I never understood why the movie was called "Steel Magnolias." My older sister explained that it was because the women were beautiful, like the magnolias that grow on trees here in the south, but they were made of steel. I've come to know that women, especially women who are carried along by faith in Him, are indeed made of steel. We may bend, but we do not break because something much stronger sustains us.

This Saturday was Jenny's baby shower. It was for girls only; Jenny's house was filled with women of all ages, all life stages. Women who are mamas, women who have lost babies, women who have raised generations of children and are still around to tell the story. There were women who are missionaries, care providers, interior designers, teachers, professional caterers, business owners. My husband always jokingly asks me where I'd want to be if there was a zombie apocalypse. Well, in that houseful of women is where I would want to be. We would not only survive, but there would be clean dishes and cake for dessert. Jenny, I am so happy to have been part of this group of women that helped you celebrate Myles' arrival into this world.


  1. oh mary beth, this is so great! i love the moments you captured. (despite how weird i look in that one photo. because jrf looks even funnier. : )

  2. oh, mary-beth! What a gift you have to write and capture life so well. I definitely couldn't have said it better myself, and so enjoyed reading your interpretation of the afternoon. And, I really enjoyed talking with you at the shower. I don't often have time to read blogs, but yours is definitely one to bookmark.
    Looking forward to getting together soon.