Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Two Boys

Sometimes Don chases me around our front yard while he holds a wriggling earthworm, which makes me scream and get hysterical and our neighbors start peeking out through their windows and wondering what on earth is wrong with us. Sometimes he actually moves our sleeping child from his crib, places him on the floor, and then brings me the video monitor and says, "Oh no! Where's William?" And sometimes he drinks the last of the soy milk and then puts the empty container back in the fridge. AGH!

But he also does things like this.

William had a bit of a "plumbing problem" last week, but we were hesitant to buy apple juice from the store in case it had too much sugar for his little system. Don got down our crazy huge juicer and made homemade apple juice for William and then bottle fed him (even though William is officially off the bottle and uses sippy cups). It was pretty adorable. William drank it up.

Seeing the two of them sitting still together is such a rare treat. 

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