Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pictures of Monday

Don had a day off. Woohoo! We took William to the river to see his grandpa at work on the river house. I can't wait until it's warm outside so we can actually go swimming.

I really wanted to get a head-on shot of this old tractor but there was a big poky shrub right in front of it. 

William loves his grandparents. This grandpa has sparkly pens in his shirt pocket that William just LOVES to steal.

I love this picture of the Archer guys.

See what I mean about the pens?

Don's parents are building a river house. It's going to be so much fun to swim and hang out by the water.

William's hat was bothering him all afternoon.

Be still my heart.

Note to self: wear lipstick! My lips have no natural color. Dang.

Men at work.

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