Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Help & I Tried

Two things.

First, I am trying really hard not to eat a lot of sugar. Sugar is one of my top five weaknesses, right up there with new bottles of Essie nail polish, Pottery Barn pillows, lipgloss that isn't sticky, and anything with caffeine. But since William needs to eat dinner before 5 pm, I now eat dinner around 5, which means I am fantasizing about mint chocolate chip ice cream by 7 pm.

As I sat and finished The Help, I needed some sugar. I was desperate. We have nothing unhealthy to eat in this house. I stared at the open fridge, poked around the freezer, and stood in the pantry with my hand on my hip for a full five minutes before I remembered...PEEPS!

I still had some peeps in the pantry from Easter. Don't judge. I ate them up as I finished the book. They were kind of dried out and chewy, and I liked it. Remember? I said don't judge!

Have you read The Help? It took my breath away, largely because the world of the characters is not far removed from our world, especially the parts about caring for other people's children. I read it in two nights, and I want to start right back at the beginning.

Second thing.

Pictures of William and me together are extremely rare, especially since he learned to walk. It's odd because I am right beside him practically every moment of the day, guiding him, removing the remote control from his grubby little hands, wiping yogurt from between his fingers. But none of this is documented.

Today, I tried my best to get a picture of both of us. I really did. I did not succeed.

This is me protecting my lens from the tiniest hand of doom in existence.

Well, we're both in the frame. Kind of. 

The lighting was so nice. I was so close to taking a picture of both of us.

Almost! You can even see the little drool rash on his sweet cheeks. He sucks his index and middle fingers at the same time, which results in a pool of drool accumulating on his crib mattress. Did I mention that he sleeps face down while sucking on his drooly fingers?

Agh! He ducked down just as I took the picture.

Wrong focus. It's hard to control the zoom when you can't see what you're doing.

Oh em gee.

At this point, he was frustrated with me trying to confine him to the window area.

And then he pulled my hair. I think he did it out of love.
 At this point, I gave up.

And then this afternoon, after a hand washing break, I realized that taking a picture in the bathroom mirror may be the only way William and I are in a photo together. Even though you can't see either of our faces and my child is not dressed. You can see his tiny fingerprints all over the mirror from when he tries to grab that dang baby who is everywhere we go!

This mama needs a tripod and a camera remote.


  1. Dang girl, you ripped the head off that poor bird!

  2. Sister, that's not even the worst of it. I ate WAY more peeps than were pictured here! :)

  3. Okay, this made me laugh =) What an amazing picture...of your eye! =) AND actually the picture before that of you is beautiful! You are gorgeous girl. ALSO....yummola peeps! Why you didn't share? I'd totally have eaten the one even without the head ;) AND....William looks just like Don in that one pic....OHHHH and did you write this after I told you my favorite ice cream flavor? If not.....SCARY!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Brandi, you crack me up. 1) Thank you! 2) I would have shared the peeps, but I didn't want to make you gag. 3) I wrote this before we had a very philosophical conversation about our favorite ice cream flavors. Andes mints, here I come! :)