Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Hat for a Two-headed Baby

I'm thinking of fall. I'm thinking specifically of what clothes William won't outgrow before it's cold outside, and how many pairs of tiny corduroy pants and knit sweaters I get to buy. And I'm thinking of making him the perfect cozy little hat. Of course, perfect should not be a word I use. Remember the last time I tried to knit a hat?
But here goes. I'm trying again. So far, I've only had to completely undo every last stitch three times because of errors that would turn my hat into an infinity circle, also known as a figure 8, or a hat for a two-headed toddler. This time, I've made it farther than ever without a ruinous error, so maybe this hat will actually pan out. I figure since I'm starting in August, it should be ready by October. Or November. At the latest. Are there any projects that intimidate you but you're going to try anyway?


  1. Good news is you probably have till December to complete it. As hot as it is now not likely to cool off till Christmas :)

  2. How about Rhys and William wear the hat together, like a little two-headed monster? :P

  3. I am sure it will turn out ADORABLE like everything else you do~! I can't wait to see the finished product.