Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Fact & He Doesn't Like Hats

First, I think this is funny. On this blog's stats page, I can see google searches that directed people here. Yesterday, someone was directed to my blog after searching for "6 month olds with fat curled toes." I find that oddly amusing.

Second, I finished the hat.
I took my time with this hat. I followed the directions (well not really, but I did use stitch markers!). I counted stitches and actually tried to fix errors I made, but the hat is pretty wonky. I would like to say that I am okay with that, but you know what? I'm not. I'm going to keep practicing and make another hat. I love the idea of and the actual act of knitting. This yarn may not be ideal for the kind of hat I'm trying to make for William, but I chose it because I LOVE the colors and because it's absolutely squeezably soft with not a thread of itchiness to it. Perfect for being snugly folded across a toddler forehead.

 He didn't feel like modeling the hat.
 I may or may not have given him tiny bites of an apricot dark chocolate cookie to distract him from the fact that he was wearing a knit hat in 105 degree weather.
 Notice how he starts pulling the hat off as soon as the last cookie bite is in his mouth?
 Cookie gone, hat off.
 Maybe I gave him more bits of cookie so I could move him into the light from the window. See the chocolate smear on his cheek?
 He ate too fast for my camera.
Cookie in mouth, hat in hand.

Maybe he'll wear the next one I make.

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  1. I love the colors in that hat! They match his eyes. I know two more little boys who would love those for Christmas. :)