Monday, August 15, 2011

Just Real Quick

I finished my massive doily project (6 feet by 4 feet to be exact), but before I post it I just wanted to share something. I came across a blog post that really resonated with me at Handmade Recess, a blog I just discovered on Friday (thanks, Mom!).

Her metaphor of steadying the rigging for other women hits home with me. On a personal level, I've been struggling with how to handle subtle insults from other women lately. Not since junior high have I encountered so much smugness from other women, but I come from a social circle where no one leaves their career to be a stay-at-home mom, and I find myself dealing with a zinger of an insult on a weekly basis because of my choice to stay home. My struggle lies not with what my old friends and colleagues think of me, but how I choose to respond to their bitter words. My inclination is to sting back, or to lay out my education and resume like a proclamation that I am feminist, I am educated, and I choose to raise my child full time, too. Hear me roar, huh? But I want my responses to other women to lift them up, not shove them in return.

I want to help hold other women steady, not punish them for having a moment of unkindness towards me. I don't want to have bitterness in me, but it can grow so quickly. Like a dandelion weed.

If you ever feel the same, maybe you would like this post, too.

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