Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New to Sewing: Happy Imperfect Ruffles

I live with all boys, so I will take some ruffles any way I can get them.

I guess technically these are more like pleats, but I choose to see them as ruffles. Ruffles on a kitchen towel. Because, let's be honest, I am the one cleaning the kitchen 99.9% of the time, and I would like some ruffles to be present for the ever-present task of wiping down a certain someone's high chair tray. I used scraps from William's crib bumper to sew a very long strip of fabric, hemming both the top and the bottom of the scraps. I joined them together in a very imperfect seam, as pictured above.

 Then, I pressed the strip of fabric into slightly irregularly spaced pleats and ironed them down.
 I sewed along the top and bottom seams, and now I have a pleated towel. Let's call it a pleated poppy towel, because the flowers printed on the fabric could possibly be poppies, right?
I am undisturbed by the fact that this towel looks like a seventh grade boy might have sewn it. I love knowing that I can SEW, even if it's just crooked lines. I'm off to find an incredibly complex pattern for some swanky Christmas stockings.

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