Sunday, November 27, 2011

Banana Pudding for Carpentry

Prior to Saturday, I had neither made nor tasted a banana pudding in my entire life. It's true. And now that I have both made and tasted (or devoured, more like it) banana pudding, it makes me sad to know what I've been missing. 

My perfectly imperfect pudding. It needs a little sign that says, "Made With Love."

 There isn't a humbler dessert, other than jello, but as far as I'm concerned, jello doesn't count. Anyway, I am a convert. I will gladly make banana pudding from here on out. It was GOOD. It was easy. I used this recipe, using only 2 cups of whole milk rather than 3. And make sure your cream cheese is really and truly at room temperature, or you'll get lumpy pudding.
I wouldn't have even made the banana pudding if my father in law hadn't indicated that it was his favorite dessert. I made it for him because he built custom shelves for William's room, with help from Don. I'm so excited about them it's a little hard to sleep. Now we have storage for all of the toys that have been slowly multiplying throughout our house. The shelves are built and waiting for a coat of primer and paint. I plan on finishing them this week. Finally, things are coming together around here.

And all because of some banana pudding.


  1. Girlie, you've eaten banana pudding a thousand times in your life! Your own mother-in-law has brought it to my house before, I've made it a bunch with BBQ, and both our grandmothers made it when we were little. I think you've got amnesia from the joy of those bookcases. ;P

  2. You crack me up. I'm not saying it hasn't been offered to me before, but I've never been tempted to eat it. Something about the idea of banana flavored gelatinousness has always made me turn my nose up. Until now! :)

  3. Do you have a recipe? I need to treat a very busy IT crew right before the winter break! BTW, totally for art day in January, not sure if the garage will grant us access to the kiln by then!

  4. Hey Jen! I used a recipe from, and the link is in the beginning of the post. Happy pudding making!