Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just So I Remember: 17 Months Old

 He loves to wear his lion hat.
 He makes everyone laugh. He has great comedic timing.
 He freely gives hugs and kisses.
 His eyes are full of joy.
 He doesn't understand that he is the baby in the mirror.
 He leaves a trail of toys and mess wherever he goes. He is in love with this stuffed animal, which he affectionally calls "Dog."
 He is fascinated by all things that have wheels.
 It breaks his heart when I won't let him play in the kitchen while I cook. It breaks mine, too.
 He loves warm cookies from the oven. He squats down on the kitchen floor to gobble them up.
 His feet are big and chubby. They are the cutest things I have ever seen.
 He is a horrifically messy eater. I clean peanut butter from the inside of his ears and his curls on a daily basis. 
 He wants to eat a huge breakfast, including an entire scrambled egg with pesto, every morning right at 6. I am not a morning person and when I am most sluggish, he is at his energetic peak.
He is obsessed with cars and says, "Vroom! Vroooooom!" all day long.

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