Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tiny Handmade Christmas Garland

Sometimes inspiration comes from working with something you've never before worked with. I am currently obsessed with clay. The possibilities are endless. You can make anything your crafty little heart desires. I made a tiny Christmas garland. Since our trees (that's right, plural) aren't out yet, I hung this little garland as a banner in our bookcase. 

I used a small 2-inch star cookie cutter to cut stars from soft clay. I used a chopstick to poke a hole on each side of each star, since I wanted to hang them garland style, and used tiny alphabet stamps (the kind from the dollar bin at Michael's). I baked them according to the package directions. Once cooled, I painted them with two coats of gold craft paint. I strung them with what I had on hand, fuzzy ivory yarn I used to make a scarf in college. Next up for my clay obession: making wings for those little piggies I picked up recently. Does anyone else think sculpey clay is possibly the most amazing thing ever?

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