Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sweet Things & Crafting is Messy

William has started falling asleep on car rides and not waking up when I carry him inside. This is a new development. I love the feeling of his sleeping smallness over my shoulder; when he is awake he is all boy and running and grunting and throwing things.

 My sister Melanie made this amazing book for me before my wedding day. I showed it to William this morning and was so touched by her thoughtfulness and how beautiful this page is.
 The breakfast area is a near-constant disaster. I have no place to craft. It's getting pretty bad. We may have to turn the guest room into a crafting center.
 The guest room closet is home to my mountains of craft supplies. Everything is in order, but in different containers and a less than ideal arrangement. It looks like chaos.
 Chaos, but happy chaos for sure.