Monday, November 14, 2011

Tiny Clay Letters: Let Your Light Shine

I'm redecorating William's room, from paint to tiny details. I worked on a small wall hanging for the area where we sit and read together. I haven't hung it yet, but you get the idea. I'm going to make some of these small letters to use as tiny Christmas garlands, but the possibilities are endless. You could make birthday banners for the birthday person's breakfast chair, initial gift tags, and on and on.

Start with oven bake sculpting clay and acrylic paints. I also added glitter and used satin varnish to prevent glitter shards from falling off and getting stuck to everything. These things all came from Michael's or Hobby Lobby and were cheap.

First, I pinched off a small piece of clay and rolled it into a ball. Then I used my index finger to flatten it into a disc. I used tiny alphabet stamps to imprint the message, "Let your light shine." I used a chopstick to pierce a hole on each side of the letters because I knew I would be hanging this banner style.
 I followed the clay baking directions found on the box (275 degrees for about 15 minutes). Once the clay cooled, I painted some of the letters with acrylic paints and left the other half unpainted. I sprinkled tinsel glitter on each letter and then sealed with varnish.
So easy and cute! I'm planning on making a plain unglazed Christmas garland and stringing it with red velvet ribbon. 

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