Friday, November 18, 2011

Working with Fabric Dye

I love classic boys' clothes, but am not willing to shop at Janie and Jack for William (other than their sale rack).  I thought the shape and design of this toddler boys' sweater from Tarjay and the $12 pricetag were perfect, but the oatmeal color was boring.
 I thought of dyeing it red, but I couldn't find a shade that didn't look lipstick red. I chose some olive green dye and adorable wooden bunny buttons.
 I followed the directions on the package of dye, mixing the color with salt and hot, hot, HOT tap water.
 The color looked like iced tea and wasn't at all green. Scary.
 I wanted to quit after two minutes because the color was awful. I kept stirring and the color eventually looked more saturated and green, but still a little muddy. I washed it and now I love it!
 I'm not going to replace the buttons just yet because they look much more interesting against the green background. The color in the picture above is exactly what it looks like. This picture was taken in the shade of the porch, and the picture below was in the setting sun with cloud cover.
Is it weird that I feel oddly liberated knowing that I can now dye clothing? Watch out throw pillows and blankets, you're next.


  1. Wow, that looks awesome! I tea-stained my throw pillows recently, and I remember our mom doing that with fabric.

  2. So impressed! Gives me hope that one day too I may have the courage to work with dyes. When I know you will be in town. And have no plans.