Wednesday, February 2, 2011

20 Minute Bar Stool Make-over

Do you ever feel like you just have to make something with your hands, even if it's just a simple something? I feel like that all the time but my demanding work schedule (no, I'm not being sarcastic) doesn't allow much time for craftiness. Sometimes I catch a break, however. Today, I made the most of William doing this:

I've had a pair of Pottery Barn pillow covers that we never use, but I really love the ikat fabric. I used the nice fabric to make a set of cushion covers for our two bar stools. I used a seam ripper to separate the front of the pillow cover from the back two pieces. This step took the longest amount of time, about 10 minutes. Next, I ironed the fabric, tucking the ends under so that they'd be easier to sew down.

Then I laid the fabric face-down on the table and set the bar stool, upside down, on the fabric. I centered the stool on the fabric and then used a marker to draw squares in each of the four corners of the fabric. You may be able to tell at this point that I'm a newbie in the sewing department. I'm sure I'm offending all sorts of people by using a sharpie marker on linen fabric. 

I'm not a perfectionist (or even that careful with my sewing projects), so I just eye-balled the squares. If you want things to look very tailored, you could use a protractor to measure out a 90-angle before cutting.  Then I cut out the squares and hemmed all sides of the fabric.

This picture was taken before I hemmed the edges.
Finally, I sewed the wrong sides of the cut corners together. Does that make sense? Then I turned the cover right side out and stuck it on the bar stool.

Here's a before picture:

And an after.

I only had time to make one cover before William woke up. Not too shabby for a quick craft, in my opinion. The sides of the cover are long enough that they don't ride up when someone sits on the stool, but if you were using a smaller piece of fabric, you'd probably need to sew the sides of the cover from coordinating fabric and then stitch it to your center piece. 

Do you ever make quick naptime crafts?

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