Friday, February 18, 2011

A Story in Pictures: Girl, Interrupted

***Post Note: After my little sister read this post, she asked if it was staged. Uh, no. I was able to capture the whole thing with my camera because I have my camera around my neck about 99.9% of the time and was messing with the settings when I heard the boys approach. Anyway, in the words of my father, this is a trooooooooo story.

When Don gets home from work, I'm supposed to get a little break from playing super mommy all day. Don takes William on a run (thank you, Bob the jogging stroller) or plays with him in the living room and I dive onto the bed in the sewing/painting/editing photos/guest room and sink into the pillows and read a magazine and soak up the setting sunlight.

But most times, the playing cannot be restricted to the living room or outside. After only five minutes, it found me tonight.

Just me, reading my Southern Living and fantasizing about painting the guest room bright coral.

Here they come.

They just look like trouble, don't they?

Goodbye, Southern Living. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow?

People always told me my life would be different once I had children, but no one ever told me that it would be years before I'd get to read a magazine cover to cover again.


  1. I still have the Vogue from last July sitting on my side table. I bought it to take to the hospital when Rhys was born. Ha ha ha ha.

  2. Your husband looks really fun. I bet he is a joy to have around the house. And how handsome!