Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Day!

Excuse my hair. It was incredibly windy outside. William and I just got back from buying paint.

Happy boy! I was pulling him towards me to take a close-up and he thought it was HILARIOUS!

William looks just like his daddy. How did I end up with such beautiful boys?
Wiping his mouth after a banana-peach smoothie (that's what we call it when I mash tofu up with pureed fruit...gag).

Did I mention that my freaking awesome husband gave me a new camera for my bday? Because he did. And I basically took pictures with it all day yesterday. I love you, D! And NOT just because of the camera. :)
Dinner and laughing and talking for hours last night at Mandola's with my best friend, Adri. Susan and Katie, there were two empty chairs at our table in honor of both of you. Now if they would just build a light rail between NYC, Houston, and Austin, we could ALL go out to dinner together.

I feel so blessed and loved to have such a thoughtful husband and friends and family. Thank you for my pre-birthday night out and gifts. Tonight, we get to go on a real date, complete with babysitters and all! Happy happy joy joy. No offense, William.

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